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Bryce Cross
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United States
Thank you for visiting my page!

A striving traditional artist who dreams to master the magical secrets of digital art and animation.

Also, a Comp Sci/IT Major with a knack for storytelling and a love for animation (& games, anime, movies, comics, technology, all that jazz)


Please, feel free to keep up with me if you'd like to stay updated on things I'm working on:

Gmail -



Yep, there ya go. Go. Go click em’. You know you want to.

3DS friend code: 2793-1171-4329
Before I knew it, today arrived. The THIRD Anniversary of my Nuzlocke comic, Submerged!

...and I only put out a single update. Yeah. The third year was a disappointment for sure.

I really wanted to do so much, but so much other stuff I hadn't even accounted for occurred. I really had to rally in second semester of college and then went straight to working and taking courses during summer. Trying to set aside time to draw was hard. When I did manage to have free moments, I...just wasn't feeling it. I had a SEVERE case of art block.

Somewhere in August though, I got out of that art block. A good thing, yes, but I had a strong urge to draw other things besides Submerged. Fanart, Posters, and concept art for SPARK, a future original webcomic I have in mind. I've been drawing nonstop this past month or so and I'm completely ready to hop back into Submerged full force. 

During my block, I really took it upon myself to analyze my flaws in terms of being an artist and being consistent with my work. I realized that I've often decided to take 2 weeks off after an update, but that kept growing and growing because I just became lazy. What I needed was not motivation, but discipline. To never quite stop drawing after each update.


I won't promise one update a month or anything, but I can fully put 100% of effort into trying to start on a comic update no later than 5-7 days after I upload an update!

I keep saying this, but thank all of you guys for sticking around. I really do enjoy making the comic for you, but I'm also REALLY eager to reveal more of what's to come for the story. I'm currently drawing the most DETAILED fight scene I've EVER drawn in my life for this upcoming gym battle (Chapter 9)! I hope you look forward to what's to come!

Love you guys, wish you all the best, and until next time, 

Stay Golden. 

  • Listening to: my friends in a stupid Skype Call
  • Reading: Submerged Chapter 9 Script
  • Watching: Luke Cage - Episode 1
  • Playing: Pac-Man Championship Edition DX
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Coke

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