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Bryce Cross
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Thank you for visiting my page!

A striving traditional artist who dreams to master the magical secrets of digital art and animation.

Also, a Comp Sci/IT Major with a knack for storytelling and a love for animation (& games, anime, movies, comics, technology, all that jazz)


Please, feel free to keep up with me if you'd like to stay updated on things I'm working on:

Twitter | Tapastic | Tumblr | Nuzlocke Forums | Soundcloud | Gmail - |

Yep, there ya go. Go. Go click em’. You know you want to.

3DS friend code: 2793-1171-4329

OHO I've been TAGGED (2 TAGS)

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 8, 2016, 8:07 PM
I feel like it's been a while since I've filled out a tag...or uploaded anything and I apologize for that! I've got some crazy stuff in the pipeline to show you all next, but I've just gotten over a bit of summer lethargy...brought upon by Work, a summer school class, and just not feeling like drawing tbh. Positive it had something to do with working non-stop on two short (and crude) animations for a college course, it kinda burnt me out. But now I'm ready to throw some new stuff your way, so hopefully I can give you a variety of crap before summer's end!
Anyways, enough ranting, I was tagged and that's what y'all wanna came for, right?    Karamatsu eyes icon Karamatsu icon ichimatsu 

QUESTIONS FOR ME from the great :iconazadenz: ~(^_^)~

1. What is your most favourite thing to do in the world?

Tell stories. Thinking of new story ideas/characters and then not only telling them to close friends/family, but putting them into effect to share to the world pretty much what drives me to draw and create comics.
It's what's driving me on my current new webcomic I just say that out loud?? Haha

2. What was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
Honestly, I can't think of anything recent, though I'm sure something'll crop up when I go back to school in a couple months. WAIT HOLD ON, I REMEMBER ONE. LET'S TRAVEL BACK IN TIME...Sonic Falling Emoticon 

I guess it would be when I was a kid (like 11), my school went on a sort of wilderness trip for a week or so.
A friend and I went away from the group for a bit and next thing we knew, it was dark outside, so we tried to sneak through the back of our cabin to avoid being noticed, turns out it was an all girls' cabin and half of them were changing...

Luckily, I didn't get caught because my friend booked it as soon as I opened the door and I (I guess being black) blended into the dark, so no girls actually saw who it was. Because they heard our voices though, the talks of a hidden pervert circulated for weeks lol. I just kept my head down.


3. Do you have any irrational fears?

I guess Spiders? Which is weird because I wasn't always afraid of them. It actually comes and goes, depending on what it looks like.

4. What's your THREE favourite original soundtracks from any video game?

WHOO BOY. Okay, this is not in any order, but here:
  • Sonic Heroes! [link]
  • Dragon Ball Z: Budokai [link]
  • Super Mario Galaxy (and throw the sequel in there too lol): [link]

    Sonic Running Emoticon 5 Runner up: Sonic RUSH [link]

5. Your favourite cartoon?

Cartoon? Either Young Justice or Avatar: The Last Airbender (which is a hair over The Legend of Korra IMO, a stellar show in it's own right).

6. 2-D? Or 3-D animation? Which do you prefer?

2D animation hands down. I grew up with it and have seen it in a variety of beautiful forms. That isn't to say I don't love 3D animation as well because I surely do, but I find myself wishing that 2D animation would make a comeback sometimes, at least in America.

What I'm really obsessed about as a tech geek AND an artist is the sort of 2.5 animation used in media such as Disney's "Paperman" short, or what's used in Vanillaware games like "Dragon's Crown". I'd love for that to become hugely popular!

7. How hyped are you for the Nintendo NX?

Once they actually show me what the damn thing IS, I'll probably have a little excitement. Still very cautious because this is pretty much Nintendo's last chance as a hardware publisher.
Sure, they have the money to continue to make consoles even if the NX flops like the Wii U did, but it won't matter anymore to gamers. So, I hope they get this right!

8. How do you get mangoes from a fruit vine?

Pull them? ...What reference am I missing here lol

9. Are you living your life purpose — or still searching?

I'm pretty sure my life purpose is to create and tell stories in various forms (comics, animation, games???) that will inspire others to be creative.
As far as that goes...well, I feel like I've barely started and I'm definitely still searching for opportunities!

10. You have a big date today with the love of your dreams. As you are getting ready you find out that a zombie apocalypse has taken place. What do you do?

Stick to the rules of the movie, "Zombieland!" Maybe replay "The Last of Us" to give remind myself how to survive in such a situation! date may be dead by the time I finish that up...aha.


1. How are you today? Good? Bad? If so, why? (Yes, I'm asking that lol. I really do care how you are!)
2. Have you visited any countries? (other than the one you're in)
3. Biggest Pet Peeve?
4. What's your favorite book, show, or comic right now? Tell me about it!
5. If you were to make a movie based off of something, what would it be?
6. If you could choose between never having wi-fi or forgetting how to draw, what would you choose?
7. What do you hope to achieve by 30?
8. If you were given the option to choose any 3 super powers, what would ya pick??
9. What song have you been listening to over and over lately?
10. If you had a time machine, where would you go? Would you bring anyone with you?


Oh, almost forgot the second tag, which is The Nuzlocke Tag that's been bouncing around DA:
 I'll use Blake for obvious reasons lol.

Post 8 facts about your character.
Tag 8 characters and their creators.

1. Despite how determined and serious Blake is, he can't help but feel the urge to prove his worth to others and no matter how much he denies it, the idea of a challenge actually excites him.

2. Blake used to be really different in the past (less angsty) and friends with a couple characters from another nuzlocke (I'll be sure to reveal this by the end of summer).

3. Blake has quite a strong bond with his older brother and is currently on the search for him in Hoenn.

4. Blake's journey through Hoenn is not his first Pokemon Challenge.

5. Blake is short. Like, hella short. And he hates it.

6. He's insecure and has serious trust issues. This affects his behavior in several negative ways and causes him to act and think somewhat irrationally.

7. Aside from battling, he likes reading books  of all kinds, as his father is a Sinnoh researcher & colleague/assistant to Professor Rowan, who got his son into reading as a pastime. While he finds fiction and legends interesting, his favorites are guides on strategy in battle. He likes to study up frequently on various tactics and employ them in his own battles. Because of this, he gets frustrated when he makes a mistake in battle and takes it harder than the average person.

8. Blake is out of shape. Like, SUPER out of shape. Which...should make the upcoming gym battle pretty funny lol.

And that's that! This was super fun to do, I'm surprised! Now, who to tag? 

(You only have to answer MY questions, you don't have to do the Nuzlocke Tag unless you want to! Or...y'know ignore the tag too, I guess *shrug*)


:iconfaeriety: :iconjutopa: :iconstinkiesdraws: :icondrangondragster: :iconcogfire: :iconrandommode: :iconreshidavanci: :iconaquaticbandage:

  • Listening to: World Goes Round - Kekkai Sensen OST
  • Reading: over my future webcomic notes...wait, what?! LOL
  • Watching: Bungou Stray Dogs
  • Playing: Pokemon Y
  • Eating: Fajitas
  • Drinking: Water

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